At SAB Enterprises, we are working on new partnerships every day to bring our Suck & Blow jello shots to your hometown. We are pleased to announce the addition of the following new wholesalers that are now a part of our distributor network.

In South Carolina, SAB Enterprises has named Southern Wine & Spirits of South Carolina as its exclusive distributor of the Suck&Blow brand of jello shooters for the entire state. SWS will market and sell Suck&Blow jello shooters throughout the state in both its On-Premise and Off-Premise divisions.

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A Beverage Built for Two

Suck and Blow Jello Shooters Are a Two-In-One Party Hit that Brings People and Profits All The Closer

Wine is fine, but as more and more beverage retailers are finding out, it is finer still - for upping the fun level - when delivered in wine-based gelatin shots called Suck & Blow, a popular, interactive drink device that allows customers to fulfill two prime motivations for going out and going to parties - enjoying a beverage and interacting with others - at the same time.


Totally Tubular

The six-inch plastic tubes, available in Cherry, Wild Berry, Orange and The Bomb flavors, definitely have been doing their part to take the snootiness out of wine consumption, all the while playing match-maker and true profit wonder for retailers since their launch three years ago by SAB Enterprises LLC (Suck & Blow) of Greenville, S.C.

These two-to-Tango, ready-to-serve cocktails, which take their name from the fact that one participant blows the gelatin from one end of the tube, while the other sucks it up from the opposite end, have caught on around the country as a fun and romantic way to introduce interactive cocktailing and wine to consumers.

"It is really just the interaction between two people," says SAB President Doug Hamer, who finds enthusiasm for Suck & Blow among consumers and distributors to be rampant wherever he goes in search of expanding a distribution network that already includes South Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Nevada, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona and Illinois, and countries such as New Zealand, Japan and Canada.

Only the beginning of a much broader distribution strategy, Suck & Blow soon will be available in Florida and Texas as well, Hamer says. "We want to be nationwide as fast as we can. We want distributors to learn about the product and know it as the first interactive beverage that affords them the opportunity to make great margins."

Already, more than two million have been sold in beverage retail outlets as well as bars and clubs around the country since Hamer and business partner and Vice President Brian Higgins came up with the idea for Suck & Blow while on a visit to a Carolina beach.

"A girl had a Jell-O shot in a cup, and the guy beside her was funneling a beer," Hamer remembers. "I thought, wouldn't that be neat to bring the two together."


Blowin' and Goin'

Returning home, Hamer went to Home Depot and bought the kind of tubing that college students used to funnel beer. He cut it into six-inch pieces, put caps on one end and filled them with gelatin shots before capping the other ends. "I made up 150 and we took them to the beach. When we would pull up, people went absolutely crazy," he says.

The pair tested their unique product, typically sold by retailers for $1.99 per unit and available in six packs of 16, over a two-year period before going into business with it.

Today, this simple idea has grown into an enterprise with a bottling plant in Coco, Fla., and a market goal of 50 million units annually. More than just a drink fad, Suck & Blow is contagious, Higgins says, using as an example the testimonial of one distributor in Arizona who took Suck & Blows with him to a tailgating event for a race. Within 10 minutes, the man said, there were 100 people surrounding his car doing them.

"We will be the next Red Bull of the world," Hamer says. Distributors can contact SAB Enterprise at 904-310-9346