Suck & Blow jello shots not only take two to do, but there’s also two ways to enjoy – you can make your own jello shooters at home or enjoy pre-filled Suck & Blow jello shots at your local bar or purchased at your local liquor store or convenience store.

Of course, the best part is that you’ll always need a little help to enjoy your Suck & Blow jello shot, so find a partner and decide if you want to “Suck” or “Blow”. Just remove both caps, hold up to your mouth and blow – it’s that easy and that fun!

If you’re making your own Suck & Blow jello shots, preparation is so much easier and neater than pouring into those tiny plastic cups. Plus, it only takes a few minutes. Just mix the ingredients with your favorite kick, like vodka, wine or gin, and pour into the tubes. Chill your full Suck & Blow jello shot tubes for about two hours in an upright position and you're ready to get the party started.