1) Q: Where can I purchase Suck & Blow?
A: Suck & Blow currently is available in USA.

2) Q: My favorite restaurant or liquor store doesn't sell Suck & Blows. How can I change that?
A: Just talk to the a manager of the restaurant, liquor store, and convenience store about adding Suck & Blow and provide them with our web address (

3) Q: When was Suck & Blow introduced?
A: July, 2003 in Charleston , SC

4) Q: What is the difference between Suck and & Blow and other jello based products in the market?
A: Suck & Blow is the only adult beverage designed for two people—one person sucks the product while the other blows—hence the name Suck & Blow. Also, the empty product which you can buy online at has tamper evident caps where people can fill the tubes with their own jello flavor and liquor of choice—these are much safer and more fun than products used directly from plastic or paper cups for two reasons: 1) it allows people to do the Suck & Blows together which is so much fun and 2) when you make your own jello shots in the empty tubes it allows the gelatin in the tube to be tamper evident as well

5) Q: What is the difference between Suck & Blow PRE-FILLED TUBES and EMPTY TUBES?
A: 1. Pre-filled tubes are preloaded with jello and alcohol and can only be sold through a distributor
2. Empty tubes are sold on the Suck & Blow web site where consumers, 21 years and older can purchase empty tubes and fill them with their own jello and liquor of choice.

6) Q: Are the tubes reusable?
A: No. The tubes are made of poly propylene plastic. When put through the dishwasher the dishwashing soap residue will make the jello stick to the sides of the tubes

7) Q: What is the best way to chill the product?
A: Place the tubes in a refrigerator or on ice but never in the freezer

8) Q: What are SAB Enterprises, LLC. Core products?
A: Suck & Blow empty tubes were our first products that consumers could buy online at In 2005 we made Suck & Blow available (with jello and alcohol already in the tubes) to beer, wine, and liquor distributors in the United States

9) Q: Where is Suck & Blow made?
A: Suck &Blow is made & bottled in Amelia Island, Florida

10) Q: Where is Suck and Blow’s corporate headquarters?
A:  Amelia Island, Florida